Weight Watchers at Work (GRC TMs only)

If you're a GRC team member who's on a journey to lose weight and focus on your health, the Weight Watchers at Work program can help! 

The GRC offers a Weight Watchers At Work program to all GRC team members, which is led by a lifetime Weight Watchers Leader who's had success with the program.  

You'll be introduced to the Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale Program, where the focus is on Food, Fitness and Fulfillment.  You'll get the information you need in order to get started with SmartPoints, which guides you to making healthy choices in a simple way.  No foods are off limits - if you can count it, then you can have it!

GRC Onsite Meetings

Weight Watchers at Work meetings take place at the GRC weekly on Thursdays.  Weigh ins start at 11:45am ET and the meeting is from 12:00-12:30pm ET.  (Room locations vary. Please email benefits@toysrus.com for details).

In order to participate in the At Work program, you need to purchase a monthly pass through the Weight Watchers portal, which is $44.95/month and renews automatically.  Included in the monthly pass are:

  • Weekly meetings and weigh-ins at the GRC
  • Group support
  • Accountability
  • Program materials and more (fun!)  

And if you're unable to attend a GRC meeting during a particular week, you're are able to attend a meeting at one of Weigh Watcher’s store locations.


For more information on the program, email benefits@toysrus.com.

Weight Watchers Myths

Did you know that your weight is NEVER said out loud and your weight loss is NEVER reported to anyone except you?  It is very confidential.  When you weigh in, no one else can see your weight and the Weight Watchers Leader works very hard to protect your privacy.

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