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Get a high-level overview on the Toys"R"Us plan, when you can enroll, and the benefits of enrolling.

How To Enroll

To participate and make pre-tax contributions in the TRU 401(k) Plan, you must meet these requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old 
  • Completed 6 months of continuous service (from date of hire)

You will receive enrollment communications from Fidelity via email and/or letter 20 days prior to your eligibility date, with everything you need to enroll. 

Enrollment Guides

Learn about the features are offered on


  • Online 
  • Calll the “R”Retirement Benefits Line: 1-866-690-401k (1-866-690-4015).
    • Customer Service Associates are available to answer your questions.

Connect with Fidelity

Once you're enrolled, there are many ways to interact with Fidelity and manage your 401(k) account, from online to mobile to phone and face-to face.   

Call 1-866-690-4015 to speak with a Fidelity Workplace Planning and Guidance Consultant. They can assist with a range of needs— from basic plan inquiries, contribution and allocation strategies to more complicated account transactions.

Access to basic account information is also available through voice-activated menus. is your one-stop online resource for establishing, monitoring, and managing your accounts.

It offers:

  • Account information and plan details, news, and updates.
  • Online account transactions, including enrollment, loans, withdrawals, and contribution or investment changes.
  • Research, education, and on-demand workshops.
  • Fully integrated planning and guidance center to help you plan for multiple goals and understand your full financial picture.
  • Personal savings information and transactions through

Manage your account on the go by downloading the Fidelity and NetBenefits mobile apps or by accessing through your smartphone.  Enroll in a plan, make contribution changes, and access educational experiences such as interactive peer comparisons and retirement readiness quizzes.

Fidelity has nearly 200 Investor Centers across the United States with experienced associates who can provide guidance on investment strategies and solutions during scheduled appointments.

If you're nearing or already in retirement, or juggling multiple financial needs, a Fidelity Representative can help you develop a detailed plan aligned with your goals and personal situation.

Investor Centers also offer educational seminars and guidance on topics such as:

  • Multi-goal planning to address personal savings goals such as balancing saving for retirement with saving for college, a home, or other short- or long-term needs.
  • Professional money management with a portfolio managed by Fidelity’s experienced professionals.
  • Retirement income planning to help generate and manage income in retirement.
  • Estate planning for the preservation of wealth for future generations.
  • Distribution options and tax consequences during common workplace events such as early retirement, workforce reduction, mergers, and plan terminations.

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