Opening Your HSA

When you enroll in a CDHP medical option as a new hire or during Annual Enrollment, you’ll see the option to open your HSA during the enrollment process. After you enroll, PayFlex, our HSA administrator, will confirm the accuracy of your personal information – such as your name, address and Social Security number. Once this information is confirmed your HSA will be opened.

Watch your mail for the HSA Welcome Kit from PayFlex/Citibank. This kit will include your HSA debit card. Also, don't forget to designate a beneficiary for your HSA. The “R”Benefits Service Center is not involved with this process, to protect your privacy and follow banking rules.

You decide how much you would like to contribute to the HSA (up to IRS limits – see 2017-2018 limits) and you may change your contribution amount at any time. The Company contribution will be deposited into your account in the month your HSA enrollment is effective.

Click here for more information about the application process.

If You Don’t Open Your HSA

If you don’t open your HSA with PayFlex/Citibank, you will forfeit any company contributions and wellness credits. Be sure to open your HSA as soon as you enroll in a CDHP medical option.

Maintenance Fees

The Company pays the monthly maintenance fee while you remain enrolled in a CDHP medical option as an active team member. However, you are subject to fees for certain banking transactions. See details in the HSA fee schedule. {link to fee schedule} If you un-enroll from a CDHP medical option either as an active team member or due to termination, the Company will no longer pay the account maintenance fees affiliated with your account and it will become your responsibility to pay all of the HSA maintenance and transaction fees.

To avoid fees, check your balance online before you use your card and pay for eligible expenses by using your debit card. You will be charged every time you check your balance via an ATM. If you prefer to pay bills by check, you will be charged for each package of 25 checks.

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