Zipongo Activity

Zipongo is our personalized nutrition app, that provides custom receipies based on your dietary preferences, meal planning tools, grocery store discounts and much more.

Completing 1 out of 3 select Zipongo activities is an 2017-2018 Wellness Rebate Program activity that will qualify you for a $25 wellness rebate. You can qualify for $50 total if your covered spouse/domestic partner also completes this activity.

Complete a Zipongo Activity

If you are benefits eligible, complete 1 out of 3 possible Zipongo activities to earn rebate dollars.

  • Log into the Zipongo site. Create account if needed
  • Complete 1 of 3 possible activities:
    • Complete Diet Survey
    • Complete Cook It Now Survey
    • Schedule a recipe using the meal planner

Activity completion will be reported to HealthyGuidance Team.

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