Wellness Rebate Program

If you (and your spouse/domestic partner) are covered under a Toys“R”Us medical plan, you are each eligible to earn up to a $350 wellness rebate contribution into your Health Savings Account (HSA) by completing certain wellness activities.  That's up $700 per household! 

Complete any of the activities below – Biometric Screening, Health Assessment, Online and Phone Coaching Programs, OnDemand Training Programs, Healthy Activity, Castlight Activity, Zipongo Activity-  to earn a Wellness Rebate.  Select activities can be completed more than once for rebate dollars (see Activity Maximum), providing more flexibility in how the $350 can be earned. 

Earn up to a $350 HSA contribution per person by completing the items below
(Up to $700 per household)
Wellness ActivityMaximum Completions
(per person)
Points Value
(per person)
HSA Dollar Value
(per person)
Get a Biometric Screening 1 100 $100
Take a Health Assessment (through guidanceresources.com) 1 50 $50
Complete a Telephonic Coaching Program No Max (7 programs available) 25 $25
Complete an Online Coaching Program No Max (9 programs available) 25 $25
Complete a Healthy Activity No Max 25 $25
Complete an OnDemand Training Program 25  $25
Complete a Zipongo Activity (1 out of 3)  1  25 $25
Complete Castlight Activities (3 out of 3)  25 $25

Complete the activities by April 30, 2018, to receive your wellness rebate for the 2017-2018 plan year**.

In addition, you have access to an online Incentive Tracker through guidanceresources.com that will track your completion of each rebate requirement.

Get Started:

  • Online: GuidanceResources.com
    • Enter your user name and password. First time users: Click on “I am a first time user" or "Register” and enter the Toys“R”Us Web ID: EAP4TRU.
  • Phone: 866-519-8360

Receiving Your 2017-2018 Wellness Rebate

As you and/or your covered spouse/domestic partner complete the wellness activities, your rebate will be deposited into your Health Savings Account (HSA) as a before-tax contribution. Rebates are issued three times per program year:

October 16, 2017 November 2017
February 19, 2018 March 2018
April 30, 2018 June 2018

HSA: If you have an HSA open at the time the rebate is issued, the rebate will be deposited (pre-tax) into your HSA.

NO HSA: If your HSA is not open at the time the rebate is issued or if you are not eligible for an HSA, the rebate will be received as a taxable lump sum in your paycheck.  It will appear in the Earnings Section of your check, under the code “9H”.


*Team members MUST be enrolled in a medical plan to participate in the program.  Not available in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

**To receive the rebate, team members must be employed by Toys"R"Us and enrolled in a Toys"R”Us medical plan at the time the rebate is issued.

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