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Aetna Plans

  • Improved care, better health. By continuously scanning Aetna claims and other member health data, MedQuery identifies opportunities for improved care. If you’re enrolled in a disease-management program with Aetna, MedQuery gives your doctors care suggestions and treatment guidelines to improve your care; these are called “Care Considerations.” Care Considerations will be sent electronically to all Aetna Members. MedQuery can also detect when routine preventive care has not taken place, so if you miss recommended preventive vaccinations or screenings, Aetna will contact you to remind you.
  • Personal help, detailed information.
    • Health Connections℠. If you have an ongoing medical condition, it’s likely that Aetna’s Health Connections can help. With advanced help for over 30 chronic conditions, you and your covered family members can get support from personal health coaches and access to free educational materials to help you stay informed about the condition(s) you have and the care you receive.
    • Online disease-management programs. These programs can help you manage lower back pain, diabetes, pain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and general chronic conditions. Log on to to start a program.
    • Personal Health Record (PHR). This secure online tool provides a comprehensive health profile you can share with your doctor and reminds you about health actions to take. Log on to to view and add to your PHR.
    • Personal Health Advocate. This care-management service gives you access to an Aetna nurse who can coordinate care with your health care providers/caregivers. Call 1-800-355- 9236 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm local time.
    • Informed Health Line. Speak with a registered nurse 24/7 about any health issue. Call 1-800-556-1555.
  • For quick reference on the above mentioned programs, click on the links below for printable program flyers.
    -Online Disease Management 
    -Personal Health Advocate  
    -Informed Health Line 

How Does it Work?

If you’re enrolled in an Aetna plan and you (or one of your covered dependents) are identified as a candidate for a disease-management program, you'll be contacted directly by Member Services.

Kaiser Permanente Plans

If you are enrolled in one of the plans administered by Kaiser Permanente, you and your family members have an advocate for your wellbeing.

  • Improved care, better health. Kaiser Permanente's electronic health record connects you to your health care team, and the health care team to proven treatment and evidence-based guidelines. When your information is entered into your record, all the members of your health care team can use the information to better coordinate your care – from your nurse, to your doctor, to your specialist. That means you get personalized care where and when you need it.
  • Personal help, detailed information. If you have an ongoing medical condition, your Kaiser Permanente health care team will support you. You’ll receive personalized support for your health needs, including provider consultation, calls, and letters to encourage you to follow through with appropriate preventive care, medications and screening tests. You also have online support tools that help you stay engaged with your health and health care team. You can email your doctor’s office, refill prescriptions, schedule appointments, and view past visit summary information all online with My Health Manager.

How Does it Work?

If you’re enrolled in a Kaiser Permanente plan (Kaiser Permanente-Hawaii or Kaiser CDHP) and you (or one of your covered dependents) are identified as a candidate for an ongoing condition program, you’ll be contacted directly by Member Services. All members benefit from the Kaiser Permanente electronic health record system, and registered users on can access their online personal health record through My Health Manager.

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