Vision Options

You have the option of enrolling in two vision plans – the Base Plan and the Buy-Up Plan. The plans feature the same copays and out-of-network allowances. However, they differ in the amount of in-network allowances, as shown in the chart below, as well as your cost for coverage. Features of the plan include:                                               

 Base PlanBuy-Up Plan
Your Copay:
Comprehensive Exam $10 $10
Materials Copay                                 $20 $20
Contact Fitting/Evaluation Up to $60 Up to $60
In-Network Allowances (Plan pays up to):                                
Retail Frame Value $150 $200
Elective Contact Lenses $150 $170


Click here for a full summary of benefits under each option.

When you enroll in coverage, simply visit a provider and tell them you have VSP. No ID card is required. To find a VSP provider, visit VSP’s website or call (800) 877-7195 and search the Choice Plan.


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