Triple-S Salud—Puerto Rico

An Overview

  • The Triple-S Salud HMO is available in Puerto Rico.
  • You must use in-network providers to receive benefits. (Some out-of-network benefits may exist when traveling outside of Puerto Rico.)
  • There is a low annual deductible.
  • Preventive care is covered 100%.
  • Dental coverage is available through the Triple-S Salud medical plan. A separate dental election is not required.  For dental coverage information, please see the Triple-S Salud Dental Benefits chart.

Plan Details

  FeatureWhat You Pay with the Triple-S Salud (Puerto Rico)


Network                                 In-network doctors, hospitals and pharmacies                                

Annual medical deductible
(per person/maximum per family)    

Compatible with HSA or Limited-Purpose Health Care Flexible Spending Account?                                 N/A                             
Company contribution to Health Savings Account (HSA)     None                                
Wellness Rebate                                 N/A                                
Preventive care                             No cost; 100% covered                                
Office visit                                 $4 copay (general practitioner), after deductible; $10 copay (sub-specialist), after deductible                            
Inpatient hospital                                 $50 copay                             
Annual out-of-pocket maximum
(per person)                                
$5,000 per member
Retail Pharmacy (up to a 30-day supply)                                
Generic drug                                 $10 copay                                
Formulary brand name drug                                 $15 copay                       
Annual prescription drug maximum benefit                       N/A                                
Lifetime maximum benefit                                 N/A                                

For annual amounts, the plan considers expenses dated from January 1 to December 31.


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