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Every health care decision you make matters. By making smart choices and spending wisely, we keep ourselves healthy and protect our business.

Managing Medical Costs

  • Aetna “R”CDHP medical plan options:    A Personal Health Advocate will reach out to you based on health risk indicators from your medical and prescription drug claims. Your advocate may offer advice and point you toward additional resources like the 24/7 Nurse Line or Maternity Support Service Line. Your advocate also can connect you with an Aetna nurse to coordinate care with your health care providers/caregivers.             
  • You and your family have access to Castlight, an online decision support tool that provides personalized information on cost, quality and services to help you make the best possible medical and prescription decisions. Register at
  • Kaiser CDHP: Contact a health advisor directly through Kaiser. Learn more.
  • Get the Wellness Rebate. If you are enrolled in an Aetna “R”CDHP option or the Kaiser CA CDHP medical option, you can receive the maximum Wellness Rebate deposit into your Health Savings Account if you and your covered spouse/domestic partner (if applicable) complete certain wellness activities.  Details about the 2017-2018 program will be coming later this year. 
  • Take the annual Tobacco-Free Pledge. If you are tobacco-free and you take the annual Tobacco-Free Pledge upon your initial enrollment in benefits or during the plan's Annual Enrollment period, you’ll receive a Tobacco-Free Discount of $520 saving you money each pay period. Learn more.
    • You can also qualify for the Tobacco-Free Discount if you are a tobacco-user and complete 5 calls with a Quit Coach in the Quit for Life Tobacco Cessation Program.  Learn more.
  • Certify your covered spouse’s or domestic partner’s employment and health coverage status. There will be a $25 per week ($1,300 per year) surcharge for covered spouses/DP who have medical coverage available through their employer, but choose medical coverage through Toys“R”Us.
  • Save with tax advantages. Both the Health Savings Account and the Limited-Purpose Flexible Spending Account let you save on taxes when you set aside money for health care costs. Use the FSA for dental and vision expenses only. The HSA may be used for all eligible health care expenses.  If you generally set aside money in your Health Care FSA in the past, and you anticipate unreimbursed medical expenses (i.e. deductibles) in the current plan year, redirect that money to the HSA through convenient pre-tax payroll deductions. With an HSA you don’t lose your contributions at year-end like an FSA.  Once deposited, it’s yours to keep.

Help Control Drug Costs Together!

  • Know your plan. Prescription drug benefits are part of your medical plan coverage. With the Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHP) you must now meet the deductible before you hit the copayment or coinsurance levels. Be sure to review your plan provisions so that you can get the highest level of benefits, for example, by using mail service and sharing the formulary with your doctor. Some prescriptions may require mail servicestep therapy or prior authorization. For more information, contact the plan.
  • Request generic. Generic drugs are approved to be as safe and effective as their brand-name equivalents and on average cost 50 percent less. Whenever possible, request generic when your doctor is writing a prescription for you. This is especially important now that prescription expenses are part of the CDHP deductible.
  • Use the tools. If you participate in an Aetna “R”CDHP medical option, your prescription drug coverage is provided by CVS Caremark. Visit (enrolled plan participants only—username and password required.  Please click on “Not Registered” to create your account and use the tools that will help you estimate your out-of-pocket costs and find ways to save.

Save Money When You Shop at CVS Caremark

  • Take advantage of the CVS Caremark Extra Care Health Card.  If you are enrolled in an Aetna “R”CDHP option, you can receive special savings—a 20 percent discount—when you use your CVS Caremark Extra Care Health Card to purchase CVS/pharmacy Brand health-related HSA eligible items for the whole family. For more information, please read the FAQs .

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