Aetna Institutes of Quality

The Aetna medical plans will now offer Institutes of Quality for certain surgeries, including gastric bypass, heart and knee replacement surgeries. Institutes of Quality are a network of hospitals and providers that specialize in these surgeries and have been chosen based on the quality of results and level of care. The primary measure of these facilities is how often patients return to the hospital after surgery.

Benefits When You Use Institutes of Quality

The amount the plan pays when you use Institutes of Quality is even higher than normal in-network providers at 95% coinsurance after deductible. 

Finding Institutes of Quality

You can find Institutes of Quality by visiting and logging in to your secure member website. From there, click the link to "Find a Doctor, Dentist or Facility." Then, look for facilities listed as Institutes of Quality facilities and specialists who have privileges as these hospitals.

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