Comparing Your Dental Options

Review this table for a high-level, side-by-side comparison of the plans.

For 2017-2018 dental coverage costs, click here.

Dental Options
                              Aetna Dental PPO Aetna DMO
Plan Provision In-network Out-of-network In-Network Only
Annual deductible $50 $50 None
Preventive and diagnostic services*                         100% of discounted rate; no deductible                           100% of reasonable and customary (R&C) 100%                                
Basic services*                                 80% of discounted rate after deductible                             70% of R&C after deductible                                 80%                                
Major services*                               50% of discounted rate after deductible**                         50% of R&C after deductible**                                 50%                                
Annual maximum benefit  

2017-2018: $1,500


2017-2018: $1,500


Orthodontia                                 50% of discounted rate after deductible
(for children and adults)                      
Not covered                                 50%
(for all covered children and adults)                                
Lifetime orthodontia maximum benefit           $1,500                                 N/A                                 One treatment per member                                
* Limits on frequency of treatment and services may apply. Bite-wing X-rays are covered once every 12 months, and full-mouth X-rays are covered once every 60 months. See the SPD and SMM for additional details.
** Osseous surgery and oral surgery are covered the same as Basic services.                                

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