Tobacco User & Working Spouse

Working Spouse/Domestic Partner Surcharge

If you’re covering a spouse or domestic partner in a Toys“R”Us medical plan, and he/she has medical coverage available through his/her employer, you will be subject to a medical premium surcharge of $25 per week.

Indicating Your Working Spouse/Domestic Partner Status

  • Enrolling online: Complete the "Working Spouse/Domestic Partner questionnaire".  
  • Enrolling by phone (844-TRU-BENS):  A "R"Benefits Service Center rep will ask and record the status.  

If you fail to truthfully certify your spouse/domestic partner’s coverage status when newly enrolling in benefits or during Annual Enrollment, you could face disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Surcharge Exclusions

You will not be subject to the surcharge, and should answer “No” to this survey questionnaire, if your spouse/domestic partner:

  • Works at Toys”R”Us
  • Is self-employed
  • Is on Medicare
  • Is not employed

View Current Certification Status

You can view your current spouse/domestic partner certification status through the online enrollment site, accessible through Workday. Click the "R"Benefits button from the Workday home page, then "Manage Benefits & View Payroll." 

Your Workday username is your 7-digit Employee ID or your 7-digit employee ID followed by the last two digits of your birth date. For password help, click "Forgot Password" or "Change Password."

Tobacco Free Discount

If you're tobacco free and enrolling in medical coverage for the first time, indicate your non-tobacco user status during enrollment to pay non-tobacco user premiums for medical coverage.  You'll also pay lower rates for the critical illness supplemental benefit and life insurance.

Indicating Your Tobacco Status

  • Online: Indicate your tobacco status by completing the "Tobacco Use questionnaire" during the enrollment process.  
  • Phone: A "R"Benefits Service Center rep will ask and record the status.  

NOTE: This pledge/premium reduction is not available to Hawaii team members. The medical rate shown during enrollment is the tobacco-free premiums.

By electing "No" for being a tobacco user, you are certifying that you have not used tobacco products, which include cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco, in the last six months, and pledge not to use tobacco products for the next year.   The pledge excludes e-cigarettes.

Any team member who knowingly makes a false election regarding tobacco usage may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Tobacco Users

If you are a tobacco user who's interested in breaking the habit, check out the FREE Quit for Life tobacco cessation program.  And if you’re enrolled in Toys“R”Us medical coverage and successfully complete the program by completing 5 calls with your Quit Coach, you’ll be eligible for the tobacco-free discount on your medical premiums!

If you’re newly enrolling in medical coverage and interested in enrolling in the Company-provided tobacco cessation program, select: Yes, however, I agree to participate in the smoking cessation program offered through “Quit for Life”, qualifying me for the Tobacco-free discount upon completion.” when completing the tobacco use questionnaire. The tobacco user rate will be applied to you until you complete the Quit for Life program.

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