Covering Dependents

If you want to enroll a dependent in your benefits, be sure to have their Social Security Number (SSN) handy. This information is needed at enrollment.

If you do not provide your dependent’s SSN, they will not be added to coverage.  The next opportunity to add the dependent to coverage would be the plan's next Annual Enrollment period in May, unless you experience a Qualifying Life Event that would allow you to add dependents.  

Enrolling a new spouse/domestic partner and/or children? Start gathering documentation to verify your dependent's eligibility. When adding a new dependent to coverage, you must provide proof of dependent eligibility such as birth certificate(s), a marriage license/affidavit of domestic partnership, and/or tax forms. 

If you fail to provide the required documentation, your new dependents’ coverage will be cancelled. If you’re designating beneficiaries, be sure to have their names, birth dates and Social Security numbers handy.  


  • Click here for documentation requirements. 
  • Click here for more information about who qualifies as an eligible dependent.
  • Covering a domestic partner?  Click here.

Dependent Verification Process

After you add any new dependents to coverage, watch for a separate communication from "R"Dependent Verification Services with instructions on how to complete the dependent verification process.  If you do not successfully provide the requested documentation by the deadline indicated in the communications you receive, any unverified dependents will be dropped from coverage.

If you have any questions or didn't receive outreach from "R"Dependent Verification Services after adding a new dependent, call the "R"Benefits Service Center at 844-TRU-BENS to speak with a representative.  (Available Monday through Friday from 8am-8pm ET). 

Submitting Dependent Documentation

Complete instructions (along with your personalized URL and registration code) on where/how to submit dependent documentation will be provided in the email/letter you receive from "R"Dependent Verification Services.  Submission options include:

  • Scan or picture uploads
  • Mail
  • Fax 

If You’re Covering a Spouse or Domestic Partner

If you’re covering a spouse or domestic partner in a Toys“R”Us medical plan, and he/she has medical coverage available through his/her employer, you will be subject to a surcharge of $25 per week.  Learn more here.

Covering a domestic partner also has certain tax implications. Click here for more details.

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