2017-2018 Medical Plan Comparison Chart

Choose the plans for which you would like to see information (up to three plans). For a more detailed medical plan comparison chart or to print, click here. See the cost of each option here.


Plan Feature

Annual Deductible (per plan year):
single/two-person or family

Company HSA Contribution

(covered after deductible  is met)
Out-of-Pocket Maximum:
Single/Two-person or  family (includes annual deductible)  
Network Coverage  
Routine Preventive physical exam
Aetna - 1 exam every 12 months ages 7 and older    
Retail Prescription Drugs  
Retail Generic  
Generic Surcharge  
Retail Formulary Brand  
Retail Non-formulary  
Mail Order / Mail Service Prescription Drugs  
Home Delivery Generic  
Generic Surcharge  
Home Delivery Formulary Brand  
Home Delivery Non-formulary Brand  
Preventive Drugs - Applies to both retail and home delivery  


The interactive medical plan comparison chart is not printer-friendly. To print a medical plan comparison chart, click here.

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