The "TRU" Plan is designed to encourage long-term savings. Situations may arise when you need to access the money in your "TRU" Plan 401(k) Savings Account. The "TRU" Plan allows you to take loans, hardship withdrawals, and certain distributions according to these guidelines:

  • Loans—You can borrow a portion of your vested "TRU" Plan account balance without paying taxes or a penalty. You pay yourself back with interest. The payments go back into your "TRU" Plan account. Click here  for more details
  • Hardship Withdrawals—You may take a hardship withdrawal from the "TRU" Plan if you have a qualifying hardship. In order to be eligible for a hardship withdrawal you must have an outstanding loan from the plan. (Team members residing in Puerto Rico are prohibited from taking hardship withdrawals.) Click here  for more details.
  • Distributions—Active team members are not permitted to take distributions from the “TRU” Plan other than by taking a loan or hardship withdrawal. Team members are permitted to take distributions from the “TRU” Plan in the following cases: Normal or Early Retirement, Death, Termination of Employment or Disability. Click here  for more details.

Upon rehire you may elect to resume your 401(k) savings contributions, providing you were previously eligible to participate. To resume contributions go online through NetBenefits® at www.401k.com, or over the telephone by calling the “R” Retirement Benefits Line at 1-866-690-401K(4015). Click here for more details.

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