Check the online provider directory for your plan or call member services.



Aetna “R”Consumer Directed Health Plans

  • “R”CDHP Gold
  • “R”CDHP Silver
  • “R”CDHP Bronze



1-800-589-4811 or log on to

Aetna Informed Health Line: 
Nurses available 24/7

Network for Gold, Silver and Bronze Options: Aetna Choice POS II (Open Access)                            

Kaiser CDHP                                 1-800-464-4000 or log on to                               
Kaiser Permanente—Hawaii                               1-808-432-5955 
1-800-966-5955 (Neighbor Islands)
or log on to                        
Triple-S Salud—Puerto Rico                            1-787-774-6072; 1-787-774-6060 or log on to                        

Yes, beginning with the 2016-2017 plan year, there is one Aetna network that covers the “R”CDHP Gold, Silver and Bronze options. (For the 2015-2016 plan year a different Aetna network covers the “R”CDHP Bronze option - Aetna Select (SM) (Open Access)).  On the Aetna website, under DocFind, Select a Plan, look for the Aetna Open Access Plans subheading, then:

  • For “R”CDHP Gold, Silver and Bronze, select Aetna Choice POS II (Open Access)

Check the online formulary list for your plan or call member services.

  • If you participate in an Aetna medical option, contact CVS Caremark at 1-877-209-3213 or visit (enrolled plan participants only—user name and password required.  Please click on “Not Registered” to create your account).
  • If you participate in the Kaiser CDHP option, contact Kaiser Member Services at 1-800-464-4000 or visit the Kaiser website.
  • If you live in Puerto Rico or Hawaii, contact your plan.

To receive 100% coverage for preventive services and age appropriate screenings and immunizations, you will need to select an in-network doctor. You can see a detailed list of preventive care services in your medical plan SPD and SMM or contact your medical plan carrier directly.

The plans are designed to give you choices because each team member’s needs are different. Compare the plans on this site and use the tools to help you decide.

No. This amount will roll over to the next plan year. This account is always yours. Even if you choose a different medical plan next year or leave the Company, your HSA balance is always yours.

Yes. The “R”Consumer Directed Health Plan allows for a $15,000 lifetime maximum for ART treatments such as in-vitro fertilization, GIFT and ZIFT.

Yes. If you are enrolling for medical coverage for the first time, either during Annual Enrollment, when you first become eligible or following a qualifying event status change, you will receive medical and prescription ID cards for you and your covered family members. You will typically receive these cards within two or three weeks.

Aetna members can also take advantage of the digital ID card option, which is accessible through:

  • Aetna Navigator:  Visit to register. Once registered, you can access and print a copy of your digital ID card by visiting the ID card section of Navigator.
  • Aetna Mobile Application (iPhone and Android):  Available in app stores when a user searches for “Aetna.”
  • mobile web

Critical updates, such as a name or dependent change or a primary care provider (PCP) change, will result in a printed ID card being mailed.  If Aetna has an email address on file, less critical ID card updates will only be applied to the digital ID card. Printed cards will be mailed if there is no email address on file.

Dental and Vision benefits do not have an ID card.

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