The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) allows you or your covered dependents to continue participation in Toys“R”Us health plans if you lose coverage because of a COBRA-qualifying event, including:

  • The end of your employment, for any reason other than your gross misconduct.
  • Loss of your Company-provided health coverage because of a reduction in work hours.
  • A change in your employment status from full-time to part-time.
  • Your death while covered as a plan participant.
  • Divorce or legal separation from your spouse or dissolution of a registered domestic partnership.

You can find more information about COBRA-qualifying events in the Administrative & Legal section of the SPD.


You and your qualified covered dependents are eligible for COBRA if you experience a qualifying event. Qualified dependents must be covered under your plan before the actual qualifying event.  You must notify the "R"Benefits Service Center at 1-844-TRU-BENS within 30 days of the qualifying event if you or your dependent loses coverage because of a qualifying event.

Your active health coverage is terminated as of the qualifying event date, and then you have the opportunity to sign up for COBRA continuation coverage at your own cost. It may continue for up to 18 or 36 months, depending on the qualifying event.   


To request continued coverage through COBRA, you will need to complete the election form that will be sent to you by the "R"Benefits Service Center for the benefits plans. You must make your election within 60 days of the notice date. All timeframes will be detailed in the notification.

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