If you're enrolled in a Toys“R”Us medical plan and completed the steps necessary to qualify for the 2015-2016 Wellness Program (Wellness Rebate: biometric screening and health assessment and/or Wellness Incentive: online coaching, phone coaching and/or healthy activity) by February 12, 2016, your rebate and/or incentive was deposited as a lump-sum into your Health Savings Account (HSA) the week of March 21st. 

  • Rebate Amounts: $250 for team member completion; $500 for team member and covered spouse/domestic partner completion.
  • Incentive Amounts: Up to $100 for TM completion; Up to an additional $100 for covered spouse/domestic partner completion.

 (You and your spouse/domestic partner can view your Wellness Rebate and Wellness Incentive completion status through the Incentive Tracker tool > My Rewards on guidanceresources.com.  If you completed the Health Assessment and Biometric Screening requirement(s), the word “Completed” will appear.  If you completed a Wellness Incentive Program activity, the point value will appear.)

You can view your HSA balance by logging into payflexdirect.com or aetna.com

If you haven't opened an HSA, but met the requirements by the February 12th deadline, the Wellness Rebate and/or Incentive was included in your March 18th paycheck.  The rebate/incentive will appear under the code “9H” in the Earnings Section of your check with applicable taxes withheld.