The next payout deadline for the Wellness Program is fast approaching.  If you and your covered spouse/domestic partner haven't done so already, take action today on and complete your Wellness Rebate Program activities by February 6, 2017 to receive your Health Savings Account (HSA) deposit in March, 2017!*     

The remaining payout schedule for the Wellness Rebate Program is listed below. 



April 30, 2017

June 2017

*In order to receive the Wellness Rebate, you must be actively employed by Toys“R”Us and enrolled in an Aetna medical or Kaiser CA medical plan at the time the rebate is funded per the above schedule.  (The Wellness Rebate Program is not available in Hawaii and Puerto Rico).

Complete details on the 2016-2017 Wellness Rebate Program can be found within the Wellness section.   Eligible team members and covered spouse/domestic partner should visit to access these activities.