Are you planning on covering a dependent in a Toys“R”Us benefit plan this year? Or, are you already covering a dependent? Read on for some important information.

If You’re Covering a New Dependent

The Affordable Care Act (health care reform) requires that the company has a Social Security Number on file for every covered dependent. When you enroll during Annual Enrollment, be sure to have SSNs available.

After you enroll, you’ll receive a separate communication in the mail and in your email from “R”Benefits Dependent Verification Services that contains important information about proof of eligibility that will be required to finalize your dependent’s coverage. Be sure to read that material and respond within the specified time period. If you don’t, any unverified dependents will be dropped from coverage and you will not be able to add him/her until the next Annual Enrollment period, unless you experience a Qualifying Life Event that would allow you to add them to coverage.

If You Already Have Covered Dependents

If you are already covering dependents, take a few moments during Annual Enrollment to double check their personal information in the enrollment site. With our move to a new enrollment system, it’s possible that some personal information was not pulled in correctly. With a direct link to the enrollment site from your Workday home page, it won’t take long to review and confirm everything is right.

Don’t Forget About Your Beneficiaries

If you enroll in a plan that requires a beneficiary, don’t forget to have their Social Security Number handy as well – you’ll need it to finalize your elections.