Annual Enrollment is here! You can now go to the enrollment site through your Workday home page and make your choices and/or changes for 2016-2017. It’s easier than ever to enroll:

  • From your Workday* home page, click on the “R”Benefits button
  • Then, click “Enrollment Site” from the dropdown menu to get started
  • Added tip – have both the Enrollment Site and the Annual Enrollment section of RUsBenefits open while you enroll so you can reference important details while enrolling

Click here for additional enrollment tips.

Want to speak with someone live?  Take note of the new phone number... 844-TRU-BENS. Call to speak with a representative from the “R”Benefits Service Center, who can take your enrollment or assist with any questions you may have.

Remember, the benefits and/or changes you choose now will start July 1, 2016 and run all the way through June 30, 2017.

Do you need to take action? Review the list below. If you answer yes, then take a few minutes and enroll. Even if you answered no, take a few minutes to access the enrollment site to review any existing dependent and beneficiary information to ensure it’s correct.

  • Do you want to change your current medical or dental plan? This is your opportunity to do that.
  • Do you know there is a new Buy-Up vision option? Or that you can now cap your basic life at $50,000 to avoid imputed income taxes? You must take action.
  • You want to enroll in one of the three new Aetna supplemental benefit plans. These new plans aren’t meant to take the place of traditional medical coverage, but they offer an added cushion if you have a covered event, like critical illness, an accident or hospital stay.  Enrollment in medical coverage is not required to elect any of these plans.
  • You want to participate in the Flexible Spending Accounts. Who doesn’t want to save taxes while paying for eligible everyday child and/or elder care expenses?
  • You want to add a new dependent or drop a dependent. Even if you’re not going to add or drop someone, it’s a good idea to review who you’re covering and be sure their personal information is correct.
  • You want to open your Health Savings Account (HSA) or change your contribution amount.

It’s a good idea for each and every benefits-eligible team member to take a few minutes to go online to the enrollment site, see what you have now and make thoughtful decisions for the upcoming plan year. Check out our new plans, enhancements and tools to make the process easy.

It all ends May 18th – so don’t miss out!

*Your Workday username is either your 7 digit Employee ID (1234567) or your 7 digit Employee ID, followed by the last 2 digits of your birth year (1234567YY).  For password help, click “Forgot Password” or “Change Password”. NOTE: Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers and Human Resource Department Supervisors can reset Workday passwords or an email can be sent to for assistance.