Effective April 1, 2017, Aetna will begin to send durable paper ID cards (as opposed to plastic) to new members and for critical ID card updates for existing members, in an effort to protect the environment. The paper ID cards will have the same member and plan information as the plastic card format.

Aetna members can also take advantage of the digital ID card option, which is accessible through:

  • Aetna Navigator:  Visit Aetna.com to register. Once registered, you can access and print a copy of your digital ID card by visiting the ID card section of Navigator.
  • Aetna Mobile Application (iPhone and Android):  Available in app stores when a user searches for “Aetna.”
  • Aetna.com mobile web

Critical updates, such as a name or dependent change or a primary care provider (PCP) change, will result in a printed ID card being mailed to the member.  If Aetna has an email address on file, less critical ID card updates will only be applied to the digital ID card. Printed cards will be mailed if there is no email address on file for the member.