If you are enrolled in a Toys“R”Us medical plan and either you and/or your covered spouse/domestic partner completed any of the 2016-2017 Wellness Rebate activities by August 8, 2016, you will receive the rebate as a pre-tax lump-sum deposit in your Health Savings Account (HSA) the week of October 3rd.

To view or confirm your Wellness Rebate completion status, you can do so through your Incentive Tracker tool > My Rewards on guidanceresources.com.

You can view your HSA balance by logging into payflex.com or aetna.com.

If you haven't opened an HSA, but met the requirements by August 8th, the Wellness Rebate will be included in your September 30th paycheck. The rebate will appear under the code “9H” in the Earnings Section of your check with applicable taxes withheld.

If you're eligible to participate in the Wellness Rebate Program and missed the August 8th deadline date,  be sure to complete the Wellness Rebate activities through guidanceresources.com by October 3, 2016 to receive your HSA deposit in November 2016. The remaining funding schedule can be found here.

*In order to receive the Wellness Rebate, a team member must be actively employed by Toys“R”Us and enrolled in an Aetna medical or Kaiser CA medical plan at the time the rebate is funded/paid. (The Wellness Rebate Program is not available in Hawaii and Puerto Rico).